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Let’s Talk Business C1

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Let’s Talk Business C1

This is a comprehensive Business English course at an advanced level. It aims to master the use of English in global business environments to meet the needs of today’s professionals.  You will be able to effectively communicate with advanced speakers of English about a wide range of business topics. The main focus will be on spoken language.
Topics covered in the lessons will:

  • Develop your comprehension of business and economic texts found in books, business journals, newspapers and magazines, and on various business Websites
  • Provide you with listening activities based on interviews with business people, economists and other experts
  • Give you opportunities to summarize, analyze, criticize and discuss business concepts and ideas
  • Enable you to debate your viewpoints on business-related issues
  • Improve your ability to produce detailed, clear texts on business-related subjects
  • Enhance your negotiation and presentation skills using advanced business vocabulary and phrases used in global business Environments
  • Enable you to express yourself fluently, spontaneously and precisely about various sectors of business and economics, such as:

    - Management: work and motivation, recruitment, Wikinomics and the future of companies, company structure, managing across culture, women in business, managing effectively, managing a crisis

    - Production: manufacturing and services, logistics, supply chain management, total quality management, products and brands, technological change and innovations in manufacturing, the different sectors of economy

    - Marketing: the product life cycle, advertising and viral marketing, purchase and sales, the marketing mix, web-based marketing, marketing activities, segmenting the market, market research

    - Finance: venture capital, derivatives, market structure and competition, takeovers, stocks and shares, hedge funds, the subprime crisis and the credit crunch, derivatives, accounting and financial statements, market structure and competition, Takeovers

    - Macroeconomics: Government taxation, international trade, economics and ecology, the business cycle, corporate social responsibility, exchange rates, efficiency and employment


Sprachlevel B2/C1, Einstufungstest unter  
Cynthia Pintarelli, M.A.
Business Management und Psychotherapiestudium, längjährige Erfahrung im HR Management (United Nations und in London), Englischtrainerin (TEFL); seit 2016 am WIFI tätig.
€ 997,-
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