How to deal with tricky situations in English
How to deal with tricky situations in English

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How to deal with tricky situations in English

Traveling and meeting people from different cultures is fun, but sometimes challenging.

After this course you will never be at a loss for words, no matter how tricky the situation. Bring your own experiences or concerns such as:

  • Responding to compliments
  • Saying no politely
  • Unfamiliar customs - no more faux pas
  • Health issues on a trip
  • Trouble with your rental car
  • How to spot dangerous/unwanted situations
  • Disappointing accommodations


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Penelope Robertson




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Penelope Robertson, BCom aus Großbritannien, Wirtschaftsstudium; langjährige Erfahrung als Sprachtrainerin und Sprachcoach für Englisch auf allen Niveaus, Business English und Firmen intern Trainings; Prüferin und Consultant für Cambridge English Language Assessment, Teacher Trainer; davor als selbstständige Unternehmerin tätig; seit 2000 am WIFI.


The Recipe for Learning a Language
1 cup of Interest
1 cup of Practice
A pinch of Grammar
4 tablespoons of Vocabulary
1 Pound of Speaking and Listening

Mix it all together with a lot of fun and a brilliant Trainer from WIFI. Bake it a few times a week. Et voila! You have got the perfect treat for tea or coffee anywhere in the world.

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