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„How food brought me to Bregenz“

Peter Brattinga is the guest at WIFI Talk English
on Monday, November 18, 2019 at the “wirtschaft”
at WIFI Campus Dornbirn, upper floor. Doors open at 5:30 pm

The evening is hosted by Bronwyn Konrad, English Head Trainer at WIFI Vorarlberg.

Participation is free!

Zur Persönlichkeit

Peter Brattinga

Born on 27.05.1965 in the Netherlands, he studied food technology and started his career at the Dutch Cacao and Chocolate Company in Haarlem. In 1991 he moved to Vienna and became manager of a chocolate factory. In 1996 he joined his wife in Brussels who had started working for the European Commission, managed a bread factory and following, became an advisor for organic farming. He then used his expertise at the European Commission as DG Trade Administrator in SPS Issues. After that he worked as a consultant for European Sector Organizations on food and feed safety and became involved in developing a European Certification System for safe animal feed. He took time off in between jobs to take care of his three daughters and support his wife’s career at the European Commission. In order to live his passion and establish a better work-life balance the family decided in 2017 to move to Bregenz, where his wife has family roots. In 2018 he and his wife started the successful restaurant Petrus and “Salonhosting” providing participatory leadership training and promoting Art of Hosting events.